[03/07/10] Knights of Honour [Update]


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    [03/07/10] Knights of Honour [Update]

    Post  Mun on Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:16 pm

    Saturday, 3rd July 2010

    If you've read the announcement then you'd know I'm redoing Knights of Honour.
    I've added and created a few new graphics and features.

    Features Added:

    - Woodcutting

    I've added woodcutting to the game, which is easy to use. You buy your hatchet/axe and then walk up to a certain tree. Then you hack it with your axe.
    I havn't created aan image/paperdoll for the axe yet. That's why the axe in the image is invisible.

    - Added the Human Race

    Coming Soon:
    - Fishing
    - Axe image, and more types of trees to cut. (Oak, Willow, etc.)
    - Orc Race


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